Work Matters

How To Like Your Job: Solutions For People Struggling With Their Employment-

Work Matters- How to Like Your Job

How to Like Your Job


The overall title for this series is “Work Matters – How to Like Your Job”. This is a series for people who are struggling with their employment. They may have a bad boss. They may be underpaid. They may feel like they are stuck and can’t change jobs. They may not know what kind of work they should do. This series provides solutions to these problems and others.

The first talk in the series is entitled, “The Purpose of Work”.  People work approximately 40% of their lives. This is huge, and it is by God’s design. God is a worker and He wants people to be workers too. In God’s eyes work has a several purposes. It provides for our needs. It’s a place to use our God given talents. It’s a place to help other people by what we do. We discuss these three areas in depth.

Work Matters- The Purpose of Work- 8-24-2014 by Bob Reinhart

The second talk in the series is entitled “What Kind of Work Should I do?” We talk about how God has FORMED us. In this regard we discuss the gifts God has given us – we talk about the natural talents we have – we talk about our personalities –we talk about our intelligence – we talk about our experiences and we talk about the passions and desires that God has given us. We provide self analysis materials to help identify all these areas and to develop a self profile. We also discuss how to use this profile to discover the kind of work we should do.

Work Matters- What Kind of Work?- 8-31-2014 by Bob Reinhart

The third talk is entitled, “How to Make Good Decisions”. We use the work environment, but the principles for decision making that we discuss can also be applied to all areas of life. We talk about 8 principles of decision making. They are: Consult the Bible, Get the Facts, Seek advice, Set goals, Count the cost, Plan for problems, Face my fears, and Step out in faith.

Work Matters- Making Good Decisions- 9-7-2014 by Bob Reinhart

The fourth talk is entitled, “How to do a Good Job”. In this talk we use the story of Joseph to illustrate 6 qualities that can help people do a good job. These qualities are: Have a purpose, Be likable, Improve your capacity to do more on the job, be reliable, be loyal, and work with integrity.

Work Matters- Doing a Good Job- 9-14-2014 by Bob Reinhart