Walking The Walk

 Building Strong Families by Walking the Walk

Building Strong Families by Walking the Walk

Building Strong Families by Walking the Walk

Pastor Bob brings a new look at the Ten Commandments. In this series he takes a look at life’s most basic issues: money, sex, family, work, reputation, possessions and God. He deals with questions like how can I build a strong foundation for a successful life and family; what are the values that last; how can I develop my character and the character of the people that God has entrusted to me. The Ten Commandments are just as pertinent today as they were when they were given to us by God, and they provide practical benefits for living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

The Foundation–  

This the first message on “Walking the Walk”. It is focused on the first commandment, and Pastor Bob makes the case that this commandment is the foundation for all the other commandments. The first commandment tells us to put God first in all areas of our lives. Pastor Bob talks about how to do this in our finances, our interests, our relationships, our schedules and in the trials and tribulations of life.

The Foundation | Walking The Walk | 11-30-2014 by Bob Reinhart

Accept No Substitutes–  

In this second message in the series on “Walking the Walk” Pastor Bob focuses on the idols in our lives. We all have them. Pastor Bob discusses the ways idols impact us. They disappoint us — dominate us — and deform us. From here Pastor Bob talks about the benefits of worshiping God and how that fulfills us and delivers us from the idols that have us in bondage.

Accept No Substitutes | Walking The Walk | 12-07-2014 by Bob Reinhart

Taking God Seriously

Walking the Walk by taking God seriously means to have a greater awareness of God in our lives. To know there is great power in God’s name. Bob walks us through the process so we can take the Second Commandment more seriously. To become God’s champion when we’re with our family and friends.

Taking God Seriously | Walking The Walk | 12-14-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Studies have shown that it takes the average person about 7 days to become depleted. It make sense then, that the God who created us, who knows how we’re wired, would instruct us to take a day off to get physically, emotionally and spiritually recharged. This sermon in the Walking the Walk series emphasizes how to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy so that we can maximize life and minimize breakdowns.

Workaholism | Walking The Walk | 1-04-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Honoring Our Parents

Part of Walking the Walk is to be obedient to the Commandment to Honor Our Parents. This may not be easy for some of us to hear. Bob walks us through the God-honoring process of forging a new, positive relationship with our parents, if at all possible.

Honoring Our Parents | Walking The Walk | 1-11-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Let There Be Life

You matter to God. None of our lives are by accident. Human life is extremely precious to God. After all, he made us in his image. That’s why he gave us the 6th Commandment, “You must not murder.” God wants each one of us to have a chance to fully embrace life and discover the purpose he has for us.

Let There Be Life | Walking The Walk | 1-18-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Affair Proofing Your Marriage

Nothing destroys families faster – nothing destroys marriages faster, than adultery. God says sex is to be expressed in marriage only. Now, it is true, God designed human beings with a sex drive, but He wants it to be expressed in a marriage relationship. That is how God designed it to work. This message is about how to keep sex confirmed to our marriages.

Affair Proofing Your Marriage | Walking The Walk | 1-25-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Maintaining Integrity

Stealing has become a more prevalent problem in our society. It is interesting how many different forms stealing can take. In this message, we look at some forms of stealing and understand how our integrity can be impacted by it.

Maintaining Integrity | Walking The Walk | 2-1-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Telling The Truth

Does anybody tell the truth? What is lying? how would we define it? Can we lie without saying a word? Solid relationships are built on trust. Join Pastor Bob as he uses the Bible to help us develop the habit of telling the truth.

Telling The Truth | Walking The Walk | 2-8-2015 by Bob Reinhart

Learning To Be Content

God has filled the world with all kinds of beautiful and interesting things. He gave us eyes to see and hearts to appreciate those things. Wanting things is not bad in itself. The problem arises when we’re not satisfied. Join Pastor Bob as he uses the Bible to help us understand how to have perspective and balance with regards to wanting things.

Learning To Be Content | Walking The Walk | 2-15-2015 by Bob Reinhart