Relationships Part 2

Relationships Part 2

Why Get Married?

There are a lot of ways to approach marriage. We could talk about problems, kids, money, or even sex. The Bible talks about all those subjects. In this message we’re going to take a look at how God wants us to view marriage. We’re going to discuss 6 purposes that God designed for marriage.  Our society often dismisses marriage as being irrelevant, unnecessary, or even an impediment, marriage will keep you from reaching your dreams. The problem is that the purposes of marriage are no longer understood. Listen to this message to help become aligned with God in his design for marriage. (Sermon 1 of 4 in the series Relationships Part 2)

Relationships Part 2- Why Get Married? 04-19-2015 by Bob Reinhart


Apr 26 – What is a Strong Family

In this message, Pastor Bob uses the Scriptures to look at what are the characteristics of a strong family. Strong families are not perfect families, but they are intentional. Strong families are strong by choice, not by accident or left to chance. Strong families make decisions, commitments and sacrifices that are meant to strengthen their children. Strong families know that the lessons learned at home will be used in life. This message helps us understand how to move our focus from ourselves to strengthening others and the benefits of doing so. (Sermon 2 of 4 in the series Relationships)

Relationships Part 2- What Is A Strong Family? 04-26-2015 by Bob Reinhart


May 3 – Why Do We Need Friends

Where are we in our relationship with our friends?  Do we subscribe to the saying “friends come and go” or do we have any long term friends that we could call anytime if we needed them?  In this message, Terry uses the Scriptures to look at how Christ views friendships – how to get friends and how to be a friend. (Sermon 3 of 4 in the series Relationships Part 2.)

Relationships Part 2- Why Do We Need Friends? 05-31-2015 by Terry Drace


May 17 – How To Be A Friend of God

People often ask the question, how is it possible to be a friend of God? After all we cannot see him, we cannot call him on the phone or send him a text,  we cannot invite him over for a BBQ or have him over for a beer or anything like that… how is it possible to be a friend of God? God promises that when we talk with him honestly, when we’re loving and trusting in him, he will be there like a friend. He offers to help you. He says he will protect you. He will rescue you and honor you. If you need a friend like that, listen to this message and find out how. (Sermon 4 of 4 in the series Relationships)

Relationships Part 2- How To Be a Friend of God 05-31-2015 by Bob Reinhart