Spiritual Freedom- A Study In Galatians

New Sunday Series Based On The Book Of Galatians: Spiritual Freedom

In the Book of Galatians, Paul is writing to Christians in the churches of Galatia. He is addressing a serious problem where the Galatian Believers are listening to false teachers that have infiltrated their church and causing some Believers to leave the Faith. In this letter, we find Paul intensely concerned about the pollution of the Gospel that taught one had to follow Jewish Law first before becoming a Christian. Paul said that was categorically false teaching. He called it another gospel contrary to the one received from him. This series will help us understand the foundation of the truth of the Gospel, and allow us to defend it against similar false teaching that can be present in the church today.

 Spiritual Freedom- Galatians

We must be constantly on guard against false teaching. We must be familiar with key truths in the Bible and be prepared to use them in testing the spirits of what we hear. If we do that we will never have to worry about being influenced by any false teacher because we will know and understand the truth.

Spiritual Freedom | Galatians | 01-10-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Walking In The Spirit- Galatians

Walking in the Spirit is communicating and dialoguing with the Spirit of God about anything and everything – moment by moment, circumstance by circumstance. We must make this process a lifestyle. If we don’t, we’re going to have the same problem of inconsistency that Peter had in Antioch.

Walking In The Spirit | Galatians | 01-17-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Defending The Gospel- Galatians

As Christians, Jesus gives us powerful and comforting words when he tells us that we are in the Father’s hand and we are in Jesus’ hand (John 10:27-29). Our eternal destiny is secure, it is a done deal. Therefore, we can know that the Galatian Believers were also saved even though they had returned to the uncertainty and bondage of Judaism. They were in correct standing with God, but they were not living in the truth. They substituted a belief system that had no power for one that had power. When we understand how that could have happened we can avoid those same pitfalls in our own life and walk with Christ.

Defending The Gospel | Galatians | 01-24-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Why The Law? – Galatians

The Law provides an awareness to us human beings of our sinfulness. God is just. There are penalties for every sin committed by every human being. God said all sin has to be paid for. He cannot look the other way. It would go against his nature. The only way humans can pay these penalties is by going to Hell. But God does not want anyone going to Hell. God decided to pay all the penalties for sin himself. Jesus did that on the cross. When we accept that by faith, God declares us righteous. Our response: Praise the Lord!!

Why The Law? | Galatians | 01-31-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Going Backwards – Galatians

At the conclusion of this message, you will be able to answer the following questions that will help you understand whether you are growing as a Christian, stagnant or going backwards. Questions: Do I still try to be good on my own power? If we all continue to sin, what are we supposed to do about it? God gives us primary suggestions for sin: 1) Deal with our thoughts, 2) Flee youthful lusts and 3) Ask the Holy Spirit for power.

Why Going Backwards | Galatians | 02-07-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Paul Softens But Does Not Bend- Galatians

What would you do if someone you had led to Christ rejects what you told them and goes back to their old ways? That is what Paul was facing. Paul pleaded with the Christians in Galatia to live in freedom. While many Christians today have a different story, many are in a similar situation. Do we love them enough to find out what happened and plead with them to come back?

Paul Softens But Does Not Bend | Galatians | 02-14-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Out of Context- Galatians

Have you ever had someone take what you said out of context? It can be very frustrating because you have to go back and make corrections. You may have to call someone or send out an email so that other understand what you really meant. You may find yourself apologizing for something that you did not really mean to say. This message is about how easily some verses in the Bible can be taken out of context. With a few simple steps we can learn to avoid that and develop a better method for how to understand the Bible.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality is lower than what we normally deliver. We apologize for any distraction that it may cause.

Out of Context | Galatians | 02-21-2016 by Terry Drace

 Living In Freedom- Galatians

In this message, we talk about how to apply those things we’ve learned from Paul’s letters. Specifically, we’re going to talk about how salvation has influenced our Christian walk.

Living In Freedom | Galatians | 02-28-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 The Fruit Of The Spirit- Galatians

Throughout this series we are told that we called to live in freedom. If that is true, there appears to be a conflict in Romans when Paul tells us that everyone who sins is a slave to sin. In this message, we discuss that if we are saved we have the power to fight against our sin nature. It’s that power source of the Holy Spirit that will allow us to live in freedom.

The Fruit Of The Spirit | Galatians | 03-06-2016 by Bob Reinhart

 Sharing Burdens- Galatians

Sin is in every Christian’s life. There is no one who does not sin. Yet, the Scriptures teach that the most important pursuit in the Christian walk is the pursuit of holiness. Reaching holiness involves certain activities in our lives, such as growing in Christ’s likeness. That is, becoming more and more like Jesus in everything we do. Especially taking opportunities to help one another grow into Christ’s likeness as well. This video discusses how to make Jesus our standard, which will allow us to grow deeper and deeper into holiness together.

Sharing Burdens | Galatians | 03-13-2016 by Bob Reinhart