How to Develop Relationships That Last-

We are starting a new series entitled “Developing Lasting Relationships.” In this series Pastor Bob will use Galatians 5:22-23 as the basic Scripture for discussing the characteristics of lasting relationships. Galatians 5:22-23 is a list of 9 fruits produced by the Holy Spirit and is really a composite of Christ like character.

 Lasting Love

The first talk in the series is entitled “Lasting Love”. The kind of love that is discussed is unconditional love. We are commanded to love others in this way, but the problem is our sin nature gets in the way. We need help, and Pastor Bob talks about the kind of help that is available and how to get it.  You can watch the first in the series listed below, and for further thought, check out this blog post on Loving Unconditionally-Lasting Love.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Lasting Love 9-21-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Joy

The second talk in the series is entitled “Lasting Joy”.  Maintaining our joy is difficult in the world in which we live. The Holy Spirit is available to help us have this kind of joy. Pastor Bob talks about how to get in step with the Holy Spirit and experience godly joy regardless of circumstances.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Lasting Joy 9-28-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Peace

The third talk in the series “Lasting Peace” talks about how maintaining peace in relationships is difficult these days. In this sermon Pastor Bob talks about some practical steps of conflict resolution. He gives lots of practical techniques which if applied will produce amazing results.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Lasting Peace 10-5-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Patience

Talk number 4 in this series, addresses Patience.  The classic definition of patience is “Slow to Anger”. In this sermon Pastor Bob talks about what the Bible has to say about controlling our anger, and he provides many practical suggestions for doing this.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Lasting Patience 10-12-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Kindness

Pastor Eric discusses Kindness in the fifth installment of this series. Eric talks about practical ways to be “kinder” toward others and how this impacts our relationships.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Kindness 10-19-2014 by Eric Laver


Lasting Goodness

Goodness is the basis for love and solid relationships. If we are not successful in our relationships, we fall short of God’s standards. In this sixth message in the series, Lasting Relationships, Pastor Bob talks about the goodness of God and how to implement it in our lives to promote lasting relationships.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Lasting Goodness 10-26-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Faithfulness

Message seven in this series.  In this message Pastor Bob talks about faithfulness in marriage. He gives six ways to “affair proof” your marriage.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Faithfulness 11-02-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Gentleness

Message eight in this series.  Gentleness is defined as strength under control. It is another fruit of the Spirit, and it produces great benefits in our lives. In this message Pastor Bob talks about 8 of these benefits.

Developing Lasting Relationships- Gentleness 11-09-2014 by Bob Reinhart


Lasting Self-Control

Message nine in this series.  

Developing Lasting Relationships- Self-Control 11-16-2014 by Bob Reinhart