All About Love

All About Love

All About Love

This Sunday Series is all about Love-

The Basics of Love–  

It’s all about love. The Bible says that God is love. He is the essence of love. It is who He is. It is His character. God is the source of all love. If God was not a loving God then there would not be any love in the universe because all love comes from God. The reason we have the ability to love is because we are made in the image of God. Join Pastor Bob as he helps us understand that God has given us the ability to do the two things he commanded us to do – to love God and love people – that it’s all about love.

Let The Holy Spirit Work–  

Now Jesus told us there are two aspects of life that are more important than anything else – loving God and loving people. We have a problem however, we have a sin nature. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit in order to dwell in us to teach us how to love. He teaches us how to make love our essence. Join Pastor Bob as he helps us understand how and why God develops that type of love within us.

Characteristics of Jesus’ Love–  

Studies have shown that our self-image is based on what the most important people in our lives think about us. Pastor Bob encourages us to make Jesus the most important person in our lives. Remember what Jesus thinks of you. Remember how valuable, how acceptable, how forgivable, how capable you are in his eyes. Pastor Bob challenges us to begin thinking about ourselves in that way. Then, start thinking about others in that same way.

Using Words To Communicate Love–  

Dysfunctional People–  

Not Angered–  

Why Get Married?–  

What Is A Strong Family?–