Sunday Sermons 2

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How to Develop Relationships That Last

Lasting Relationships

How to have lasting relationships


This series talks about how to Develop Relationships that Last.

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 Relationships- part 2

A strong family knows how to handle failure.

Relationships- Part 2


More on how to have successful relationships

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 Setting Goals for 2015- New Year’s Day

Setting Goals in 2015

Setting Goals in 2015


Whether it is a new year or a new day, choose the life you were meant to live. In doing so, God will produce in you a fullness of joy like none other.

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever – Christmas Sermon

Celebrate Christmas

Christmas 2015


Christmas Sermon 2015

“The Best Christmas Gift Ever”– Click here to view sermon


Walking The Walk

How to walk the Christian walk

How to Walk The Christian Walk


The Ten Commandments are just as pertinent today as they were when they were given to us by God, and they provide practical benefits for living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

“Walking the Walk”   Click here to view a series on How to Walk The Christian Walk

Work Matters- How to like my Job

Work Matters- How to Like Your Job

How to Like Your Job


This is a series for people who are struggling with their employment.

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