Our Team

Meet Our Team at River Recovery Church:

Bob Reinhart – Senior Pastor

Pastor Bob Reinhart

Pastor Bob Reinhart

Hello, I’m Bob Reinhart, the Senior Pastor of River Recovery Church.  I am a part of the team that planted River Recovery Church in  San Leandro in September 2013. Prior to that I was Associate Pastor of Creekside Community Church in San Leandro where I served for 24 years. I helped plant Creekside Church on September 1990. Creekside grew from approximately 50 people to about 500 people during the time that I was there.

I have extensive experience in biblical counseling which includes marriage, family and individual issues. I have extensive experience in congregational care matters, which include deaths, marriages, sickness, grief and financial issues.  I have extensive experience leading small groups and Bible studies.

I have been leading the Celebrate Recovery ministry from the year 2000 until present.  Over the years hundreds of people have successfully completed the program with remarkable results.  I am totally committed to recovery, and I often say that I am “Addicted to Changed Lives

God has led me to plant the River Recovery Church to reach people who have hurts, hang-ups and habits. The mission of The “River” is to be a vessel for God to draw hurting people in the Bay Area for healing and salvation.

Gayle Reinhart – Treasurer

Gayle Reinhart- Treasurer

Gayle Reinhart

Hello, my name is Gayle Reinhart.  I became a Christian in 1982 when a neighbor invited me to attend a Women’s Retreat at Mission Springs in Scott’s Valley.  I was struggling with frustration towards our oldest son, who was getting into drugs at the time. And after accepting the Lord at that retreat, my heart was changed and I became more compassionate and accepting towards him.  This compassion changed our family as my husband saw God working in my life.  Our blended family of 5 children became closer because of the work God did in me, and my husband asked Jesus into his life soon after I did. In 2000, Bob started Celebrate Recovery at Creekside Community Church in San Leandro and asked me lead the Worship Team. After attending college, our oldest daughter had shared a book with me called, “Co-dependent No More”. Reading this book many years prior, and leading co-dependent groups in Celebrate Recovery, I was able to understand myself in a powerful way and learned to set boundaries knowing that God’s grace is enough for me.  I no longer need the acceptance and attention of others to feel good about myself.  Our 14 grandchildren keep us young and active, and I work part-time as a church secretary in Castro Valley, love to scrapbook, make greeting cards, and praise the Lord in song.

Terry Drace  – Elder

Terry Drace- Elder

Terry Drace

My name is Terry and I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ. I grew up very confused, abused mentally, physically and sexually, lonely and isolated. My childhood upbringing left me feeling totally alone, depressed and angry. In my early teens I discovered alcohol and drugs which lead me on a 17 year downward spiral filled with anger, motorcycles, violence, failed marriages, crime, jail, and family loss.  My life was turned around in 1984 when I voluntarily went to a rehabilitation center. I attended a traditional 12 step recovery group and had 20 years of sobriety until I relapsed in 2004.  I went on another 5 year binge; which almost killed me. I never knew or understood who my higher power truly was.  It was then that I discovered Celebrate Recovery and turned my entire life over to Jesus Christ. My life has never been the same. I have a wonderful relationship with Christ now. I am a respected member of society, happily married to a wonderful Christian woman, and my family has been restored. My life is filled with joy and peace but more importantly a purpose. I am a leader in my Celebrate Recovery group and an Elder at the River Recover Church. My passion is working with other men and watching them grow in their recovery and get their lives back through Jesus Christ. To be able to be a vessel for Christ in helping another person is the greatest reward I have ever received and I am honored that Christ has chosen me to be a part of the River Recovery Church and help build His kingdom.

Rick Angell – Elder

Rick Angel- Elder

Rick Angell

Hi, my name is Rick Angell.  I am a grateful believer in my Lord Jesus Christ who has given me great victory over my anger.  I also have found  a peace and joy in my life that I never knew until  I welcomed Jesus Christ into my life.  I have been a  group leader in Celebrate Recovery for the last 7 years helping people with their hurts, hangups and habits.  It has been a joy watching  these  people go through the program and be able to give their issues to the Lord.   I am very excited to start The River Recovery Church and reach out to the unchurched in the Bay Area. With God’s love and help we can bring more people to know Him , so they can experience the peace and joy  that only The Lord Jesus Christ can  give us.

Curt Palmer – Elder

Curt Palmer- Elder

Curt Palmer

Hi there, and Welcome to River Church! I come from a family history that was blown apart by untimely death, parental abandonment, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, drug addictions, tragedies, foster care, anger and resentment. But, our gracious Lord found and saved me as I entered into adulthood. He gently taught me how to forgive those who hurt, and failed me, and/or took advantage of me. He has patiently and steadily brought healing for my hurts over the years . He has lavished His forgiveness and mercy on me daily; Boy, I need that every day!! I can honestly say His love has been faithfully restoring me to the wholeness He intended for me. I encourage you to come, and taste, and see that the Lord is good! Better than Good! When you visit River Church, come introduce yourself. I would love to meet you and share a cup of coffee, get the chance to hear your story.