The Greatest Christmas Gift

The Greatest Gift Of All

The Christmas season is here! Wow, that was fast! Every year it happens in the blink of an eye. It comes and goes so fast that we barely have time to think about its true meaning or its purpose. There’s so much “hub-bub” – so much to do – so much distraction. In the next two blogs I want to take a little time out and focus on the purpose of Christmas. So, let’s begin.

I believe the whole purpose of Christmas can be summed up in one of the most famous verses in the Bible — John 3:16.

“God SO LOVED the world that HE GAVE his only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life!”

I believe this verse summarizes the whole purpose of Christmas. From this passage we can see that love is a starting point. It says “God so loved the world” that He gave His Son.

You know we can give without loving, but we can’t love without giving. So, God first loved us, and that inspired Him to give us the first Christmas gift. And that gift is eternal life made possible only by the Lord Jesus Christ. God was the first Giver, and He started the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time. And not only that — God’s first gift is the greatest and most expensive gift ever given. Nothing since can ever match it.

Let’s look at Romans 8:32.

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all — how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

Notice the logic here:

• God loves us so much that He sent Jesus Christ to earth to die on the cross for us.
• And here’s the amazing part — Jesus willingly agreed to do that!!!
• He agreed to step out of Heaven to come to earth and die a horrible death to pay for our sins.
• Now, if God loves that much, surly He will take care of all our other needs too.

That’s what the passage says. And that includes everything — bills, health, relationships, family, work — every aspect of life. God wouldn’t save us at such a huge cost just to leave us alone to fend for ourselves. That wouldn’t make any sense.

In this passage I want you to notice the phrase “along with him.” It’s already underlined. That’s the assurance that God is giving us everything else – ALONG WITH JESUS. God is not holding anything back. That’s a powerful truth that we need to let sink in.

Let me ask you — have you ever received a gift inside of a gift? I’m sure some of you have. You get a box — you open it up — and there’s another box inside. You open that one and there’s another box inside of that one. And you keep going until you finally reach the gift. Romans 8:32 is like that.

God’s gift to us is Jesus. Jesus represents the “big box”. But inside this box are many smaller boxes, and they represent other gifts. But they are all WRAPPED IN JESUS. So, when we get Jesus, we get all the other gifts that God wants to give us as well.

The New Testament talks about these gifts. If fact the words “gift” and “gifts” are used 66 times in the New Testament. It’s one of the major themes.

In next week’s blog I am going to open some of those gifts and take a look. We are not going to look at all 66 gifts that are mentioned in the New Testament — but we are going to look at several, which I call the major gifts.

OK, I can’t wait. Until then – happy Christmas!

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