Dare To Be Generous and Dare To Wait On God

Check out our latest two new videos in the Series: Daring Faith- The Key To Miracles.

Dare To Be Generous

Dare To Be Generous


In Dare To Be Generous, Pastor Bob talks about when we are generous to others with what we have, it shows that we trust God. It demonstrates that we believe God will continue to provide our needs regardless of what we give away. Why do we think that? Because that is what God tells us in His Word. When we believe and act on what God tells us, it is a demonstration of faith. When we’re not generous with what we have we’re really saying that we don’t believe God is going to take care of us. We’re not going to have enough for ourselves, which causes us anxiety, worry and fearful. That is all based in unbelief. This message will help us understand how through generosity we can actually gain more.

Dare To Be Generous


Daring to Wait on God

Daring To Wait On God


Dare To Wait On God– In this video, Pastor Bob Talks about Waiting On God: How do you feel when you have to wait – wait on hold, wait in traffic, or wait for an answer? Have you every been in a hurry and God was not? Any of those situations can be very, very frustrating. Some of you may be in that situation right now – in “God’s Waiting Room.” In this message, we evaluate two important questions related to waiting. First, what are some of the reasons God puts us in the Waiting Room? And secondly, what are we supposed to do while we are in the Waiting Room?   Dare To Wait On God