Christian Counseling Services in San Leandro

Counseling at the River Recovery Church

We all struggle with the difficulties of life. We are constantly looking for answers, but many times they elude us.

At some time, everybody needs help. Life can be hard, and we never know what’s coming and how to deal with it..

What’s often needed is some practical advice which can be put into practice and produce beneficial results. We specialize in providing such practical help at the River Recovery Church. We have “been there and done that”.

At the River Recovery Church, we address your concerns and help you become aware of your thoughts. We focus on “right thinking”. We believe incorrect ideas lead to inappropriate and unproductive behavior. We endeavor to identify these incorrect ideas and suggest replacing them with correct thinking. Once thinking is corrected, behavior is often changed for the better and progress in living productive and fulfilling lives can often be realized. However, implementation of these ideas is entirely your decision. We simply identify what we believe is incorrect thinking and make suggestion for appropriate changes.

We are NOT licensed Psychiatrists, Psychologists or therapists. When necessary we will make referrals to these professionals.

All of our services are completely confidential, and we do not charge for our services. However, if you feel you are helped by our services, you MAY make a donation to the River Recovery Church. The decision to do so is entirely voluntary.

We have been performing these counseling services for over 20 years. Many people have availed themselves of our services with outstanding results.
We would be happy to provide you withreferrals upon request.

Call us today for more information or to make an appointment:  510-895-9952.