River Recovery Church- Let Your Roots Grow Deep

We all struggle with the difficulties of life. We are constantly looking for answers, but many times they elude us.

The “River”, as we call it, is a place where these answers can be found.  The “River” offers solutions to the problems of life. These solutions come from the Bible, which we believe is the Word of God. We believe God knows the problems we are going to face, and He has solutions to deal with them.

Imagine a lush tree with its roots deeply planted by a crystal clear river of flowing water. The river is deep and pure and cool and refreshing. The tree flourishes. Its leaves are green and it bears luscious fruit in season. The tree is impervious to the seasons. The summer heat and the winter cold do not affect it. The tree draws all its sustenance from the nourishing waters of the river.  

You can be that tree and the “River” can be that place for you to sink your roots in deeply. The “River’ can be the place to find rest for your soul. The “River” can be the place where you can find strength to deal with the difficulties of life. The “River can be the place where you can prosper.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. Come and find out what He says and see if it works. You have nothing to lose except a little time.


We are a short distance from the Greenhouse Shopping Center. AC Transit Bus Stop is near the front Pastor Bob Reinhart- Recovery that lasts.door of the building!

Blessings, Bob Reinhart



QUESTIONS OR FEEDBACK FOR THE RIVER?  Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly. OR contact Bob Reinhart at:  bob@riverrecoverychurch.com.

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